Pokemon GO

Android, iOS & Windows

Tempritscher++ (iOS)

Re-Modded PokeGO++ Spoofing Tweak

Tempritscher++ (Android)

PokeGO++ Android Port

(Non-Root + Root Support)

Annihilation++ (iOS)

Re-Modded & unlocked iSpoofer Spoofing Tweak.

Devastation++ (iOS)

Re-Modded iPoGO Spoofing Tweak

iSpoofer (Windows)

Unlocked iSpoofer Pc Version.

Ingress Prime

Android & iOS

Rikugou++ (iOS)

Re-Modded Ingress++ Spoofing Tweak

Rikugou++ (Android)

Ingress++ Android Port

(Requires Root)

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Android & iOS

Wingardium++ (iOS)

Re-Modded iPotter++ Spoofing Tweak

Wingardium++ (Android)

Maguss++ Android Port

(Requires Root)

Draconius GO


Alduin++ (Android)

Draco++ Android Port

(Requires Root)

Minecraft Earth


Bedrock++ (Android)

Minecraft Earth Spoofing Tweak

(Requires Root)

Jurassic World Alive


Primal++ (Android)

Jurassic World Alive Spoofing Tweak

(Requires Root)

Ghostbusters World


Busters++ (Android)

Ghostbusters World Spoofing Tweak

(Requires Root)

The walking Dead: Our World


Postmortem++ (Android)

The walking Dead: Our world Spoofing Tweak

(Requires Root)

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